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2012 Ford Transit Tipper 115 T350M RWD with VFS One Stop Tipper Body White Single Cab 3 Seats Excellent Condition Ready to Work 132,000 DV12HLK



2012 Ford Transit Tipper 115 T350M RWD with VFS One Stop Tipper Body White Single Cab 3 Seats Excellent Condition Ready to Work 132,000 DV12HLK

Ford Commercial

Just had a major overhaul which consists of the following.

Full Major Service
8.8 Litres of the correct oil
Air filter
Fuel filter
4 x glow plugs
Glow plug relay
Water pump and connector
5 Litres of concentrate antifreeze
Rear brake pads and wear indicator
Offside rear ABS sensor
Propshaft bearings x 2
Both front lower ball joints
Sump gasket
Fuel cap cover
Brake light switch
Ignition switch
Repair to drivers seat
Rear bumper and all lights replaced
Upper driving light on the front replaced
Windscreen trims replaced both
Full valet
Tipper body painted
6 x new tyres

What is a VFS body

VFS is a company based in Southampton. Ford uses them for making their factory bodies and is simply the best you can get on a Transit tipper. These bodies are also know as One Stop.

The vast majority of tippers are not Fords as they are soo expensive. These are many by many manufacturers and not there is nothing wrong with most of the VFS being in a different class.

The way its constructed, the operation of the tipper, the safety features, the way the side and back open, and even down to the handle on the sides themselves.

Another major advantage is repairs. Let's face it tippers is one of the hardest worked vehicles and often suffer some damage. VFS carries all the spares for their tippers and every nut, bolt, hydraulic ram, sides, beds, stickers, and all the sides. You can have your truck back to work in no time rather wait for weeks till a fabricator gets the time and materials to carry out the work. Most items from VFS are next-day delivery.

The name One-Stop is a shortening of ‘one stop shop’ and relates to a range of commercial vehicles from Ford where they add the Luton Box, flatbed or tipping bed to their chassis in the factory, so your vehicle rolls off the production line with everything you need. This approach saves you time, money and worry as getting what would usually be third party customisations built in factory allows the business user to get their vehicles on the road faster and with the reassurance of knowing that their Ford Transit One-Stop is built properly and is fully backed by the manufacturer.

MOT history of this vehicle

Date tested: 24 March 2021
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 124,809 miles
MOT test number: 9739 1190 5763
Expiry date: 23 March 2022

Date tested: 1 May 2019
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 106,083 miles
MOT test number: 6510 0767 4857
Expiry date: 30 October 2020

Date tested: 18 April 2018
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 89,468 miles
MOT test number: 8787 5642 8593
Expiry date: 25 April 2019

Date tested: 26 April 2017
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 70,832 miles
MOT test number: 8312 6961 3863
Expiry date: 25 April 2018

Date tested: 14 March 2016
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 51,295 miles
MOT test number: 2200 2453 5537
Expiry date: 30 March 2017

Date tested: 25 March 2015
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 41,163 miles
MOT test number: 4560 6418 5052
Expiry date: 30 March 2016

Vehicle information

Manufacturer: Ford Werke AG Germany
Brand: Ford
Model: Fiesta / Courier
Region/Plant: Kocaeli Turkey
Check: F
Year: 2015
Sequential number: 16900
CarID: 12909
Brand: FORD
ManufacturerId: 525
Catalog: FORD201902
Name: Transit TT9 2006-2014
Date: 10.11.2011
KolCount: 0
Region: Europe
Model year from: 2006
Model year to: 2014
Manufactured: 2012
Date: 10.11.2011
Territory: (+)"GB"
Cab Style: Single cab option
Axle Ratio: 4.27
Vehicle line: Transit 2006-2014
Interior Environment: Lichen
Series: 350M Series
Engine: 2.4L Duratorq (85kW/115PS)
Interior Fabric: Tomy (G-C)
Exterior Paint: Frozen White
Transmission: 6 Speed Mauual MT82
Air Conditioning: Without air conditioning
Emission: Eco class exhaust? IV
Drive: RHD RWD

Vehicle equipment

Roof Height: Low Roof
Roof Height Conversion: Without Roof Modified
Rear Mudflap Type: Without Rear Mudflaps
Front Suspension Skid Plates: Less Front Susp'n Skid Plates
Interior Packages: Without Interior Kit
Front Mudflap Type: Without Front Mudflaps
Side Load Doors: Without cargo side doors
Diesel Particulate Filter: Without flue gas filter.
Back Panel / Bulkhead: Without rear panel and / or grill.
Cab Back Panel: With non-perforated cab back panel
Brake System - Regenerative: Without regenerative
braking system Bulkhead & Partitions: Without bulkhead
Rear Loading Door: Without rear cargo door
Cargo Door Check Arms: No Limit Opened Cargo Door
Side Door Load Function: Side Load Door Without Foldable Footrest
Rear Door Catch: Less Rear Door Catch
Liftgate: Without Rear liftable door
Custom Body Type: Without second body assembly
Exterior Headboard: Without honeycomb head, 2nd unit
Tailboard Support Straps: Less Tailboard Support Straps
Auxiliary I / P Console: Less Auxiliary I / P Console
GVM Rating: With standard value GVM
Plant Build Requirements: Manufactured. at the Otosan plant (Turkey)
Special Equipment Packages: Without a set of specials. Equipment
Vehicle Status: Incomplete - Ship To VFS
Marketing Flex Prep Pack: Without univ. for market.cell.
Sales Badges: No
SVO Label: No SVO
Trim Packs: No
Special Value Packs (SVP): No Special Kits
Power Equipment Group: No Power Equipment Group
Marketing Levels: Marketing Level 3
Visibility Pack: No Kit Visibility
Rapid Spec Option - EAO: Without Full RSO
Utility Package: Without Commercial Equipment explo.
(-) Version Package: Without SVO, except
Labels packages - Certification: Without
SVO Marketing Packs: Trim 1-sided. tilt
Fire Extinguisher Fixing: Without fire extinguisher mountings
Fire Extinguisher: Without fire extinguisher
Tool Kits: With tool kit
Kit-Tire Repair Service: Without service kit tire repair
Front Window Operation: With electric windows. front windows
Tinted Glass: With all the easy tonirovan.steklom
Security Glass the Front: Less the Front Side Door Security Glass
2nd Row RH Side the Windows: Without the right side of the window 2nd row
2nd Row LH Side Windows: No left side window 2nd row
3rd Row RH Side Windows: Without 3rd row right side window
3rd Row LH Side Windows: Without 3rd row left side window
Rear Windows: With fixed rear window
Security Glass RR Side / Back: Without rear side / rear protection glass
windshield heating: No heating windshield
rear window heated: Without rear window heating
Overhead Console: Without roof console
Header Mounted Package Tray: Without roof storage shelf
Rear Compartment Trim Panel: Without rear trim panel
Interior Cladding Surface: Without interior trim surface
Front Floor Mat Style: Without Front Floor
Mats Air Vent Knobs: With Bright Vent Control
Headlinings: With Partial Shapes. roof lining
sunvisors - Driver: the Do Not the Use - the FNA the Use Only
Door the Map the Pocket: With a pocket for maps on the door
Interior Grab the the Handle - Side Door: Less Interior Grab the the Handle Side Door
the Front Roof Interior Assist the Handle: Without front roof railings
A Pillar Assist Handles: Without handrail on A pillar
B Pillar Assist Handle: Without handrail in “B” pillar
Load Compartment Tie Down Loops: Without luggage braces. Department.
Load Floor Covering: Reduce load outdoor covering
Discussion Board Trim Pack: Less the Load Area Protection Kit
Cargo Stow the Rack: No shelves / longitudinal arches Luggage
Load Compartment Tie Down Loop: Without tie ribbons bag.otd.
Door Trim Panel - Driver: Driver's
Door Trim - Level 2 Door Trim Panel - Passenger: Passenger Door Trim-Level 1
Running Boards: Without Footrests
Roof Rack Type: Without Roof Rack
Mid Bodyside Molding Type: Less Exterior Body Moldings
Rear Window Protector: Less Rear Window Protector
Rear Step: Less Rear Step
Rear View Mirror Type: Tilt. rear view mirror
Driver Door Mirror Type: Large, long arm
Exterior Mirror Dual: 2-section, mechanically foldable mirror
Seat Pack: 22
Seat Construction: Less Seat Construction
Under Seat Stowage Bin - Rear: Without rear stowage tray.
Drivers Seat Armrest: Fixed arm. driver's seat
Passenger Seat Armrests: Without armrests for passenger seats
Rear Seat Recliner: Without reclining mechanism
Passenger Seat Valance: Without curb for passenger's seat
Seat / Airbag Pack: Without set seat / cushions
6th Row Seating: Without 6th row seats
Temp Controlled Drivers Seat: Without temp. driver's seat control
Temp Controlled Passenger Seat: No temp. counter. Passenger Seat
2nd Row Seating: No 2nd Row Rear Seat
3rd Row Seating: No 3rd Row Rear Seat
4th Row Seating: No 4th Row Rear Seat
5th Row Seating: No 5th Row Seats
Rear Seat Fixings: No Rear Seat Fasteners
Reverse Seating: No Reversal 2nd Row Triple Triple
Seat Drivers Seat Adjustment Type: 6-Position mech.regul. driver's seat
Passenger Seat Adjustment Type: Without adjustable passenger seat
Removable Second Row Seat: Without removable 2nd row seat
Rear Seat Armrest Packs: Without armrests. rear seats included
Rear Seat Packs: Less Rear Seat Packs
Trailer Towing Attachments: Without towing. Trailer hitch
Trailer Coupling: without towing devices
Front Towing Hooks: Without a front towing hook
C To C Alternatives: Rear Axle - option A
Fleet Key: No key for the collective. user
Door Auto Relocking: With Door Auto Relocking - Enabled
Configurable Unlocking: Less Configurable Unlocking
Door Locking Systems: With Double Door Locking
Lock Group: With Electric
Two Step Door Unlocking:
Security Lock Set-Side / Rear : Less Side / Rr Door Security Lockset
Door Remote Control Unit: With remote control unit opening doors
Rear Window Wash / Wipe: Without rear window wiper / washer
Rain Sensor - Front W / Wpr: Without rain sensor-front wiper
Sunroof Type: Without sunroof
Rear Sunroof: Without rear sunroof
Corrosion Protection: Without box underbody protection
Rear Bumper: Without rear bumper
Bumper Under Run - Rear: Without rear underrun bumper
Bumper Under Run - Front: Without front bumpers
Rear Seat Belts: Without Seat Belts. Sid.
Drivers Air Bag: With driver airbag
Passengers Air Bag: Without passenger airbag
Tire Carrier Opener: Mech unlocking wheels
Side Underrun Rails: Without side rails
Float Mounting: Less Float Mounting
Spare Wheel Type: With steel spare wheel
Wheel Finish: With Silver Wheel Finish
Spare Wheel Lock: Without spare wheel lock
Dual Rear Wheels: With dual rear wheels
Wheel Size & Style 16 Inch: Steel wheel 5 X 16 "
Wheel Covers: Without wheel caps
Tire Tread Pattern - Front / Rear: With Standard Tread - Any Vendor
Governor-Engine MPH: Without engine MPH governor
Fuel Cooler: Diesel fuel cooler
RPM Control: Without RPM control unit Engine
Cold Start Type: Cold Start to -degree With
Starter Motor Type: Standard Motor / Starter Motor
Flywheel Type: One Piece Flywheel
Attitude / Ride Height Pack: Standard Height / Road Clearance
Front Suspension Types: Front Suspension Standard
Front Gross Axle Weight Rate: Normal Front Axle Load
Front Stabilizer Bar: With Front Stabilizer transverse resistance
Springs - Rear: From back sheet. springs with std.har.
Auxiliary Springs - Rear: Less Rear Auxiliary Springs
Rear Suspension Types: With Standard
Rear Suspension Rear Stabilizer Bar: Without Rear Stabilizer
Exhaust Exit: With Syst. downwards
Parking Brake Type: From parking brake, installed in the tunnel
Brake Type: Electric / Vac. disc brake for 4 counts
Anti-Lock Brakes: ABS brakes, acting on all wheels.
Anti Spin Traction System: Control for support Course Stability (ESP)
Transfer Case: Without Transfer Case
Skid Plates: Without Door
Sill Panels Front Seat Type: Single L / B Drives / Double L / B Pass.
Rear Climate Control: Without rear seat climate control
Ventilation System: Without ventilation system
Fresh Air Heater: Without heater
Fuel Tank Types: With fuel tank with a capacity of 80 liters
Water Separator-Fuel: Without fuel water separator
Fuel Capability Type: With possible. work on diesel fuel
Steering Types: With regulated power steering
Steering Wheel Type: Basic steering wheel
Auxiliary Heater: Without auxiliary heater
Heater / Air Conditioning Prep Pack: Without heater kit / A / C
Auxiliary Water Heater: Without auxiliary hot water heater
Heating - Rear Compartment: Without rear compartment
heating Speedometer Types: With MPH / KMH
Speedometer Tripminder: Without On-Board Computer
Tachometer: With Tachometer
Navigation Disc: Without Navigation Disc
Navigation Data: Without Navigation Data
Seat Belt Warning Light: Without warning lamp.
Reverse Proximity Sensor: Without rear parking sensor
Alarm Systems: Without anti-theft alarm
Engine Immobilizers: Without engine immobilizer
Batteries: Extra heavy duty battery
Rechargeable Batteries: Without deep discharge batteries
Alternator Types: Generator with std.
Radio Pre-equipment Pack 1: Without radio equipment
Blue Tooth Interface Connect: Without conn. interface Blue Tooth
Radio Antenna Type: Radio antenna, installed. rooftop
In Car Entertainment: ICE-Low. CD + Radio AM / FM
ICE Feature Pack: Set of entertainment systems 5
Module / GPS Antenna: Without module / GPS antenna
Telephone: Without telephone
Telephone Preparation pack: Without kit for telephone installation
Microphone: Without microphone
Voice Activated Modules: Without modules with voice control.
Radio Controls - Column Stalk: With audio reg. on the steering wheel joystick.
Electrical Outlet: Electrical Outlet
Smokers Package: Without Smokers Kit
Power Point Rear: Without Rear Power Outlet Cover
Camera: Without
Safe Deposit Box: Without Bank
Case Optional Equipment Pack: Without Installing Add. equip.
Wheel Pack: Less Wheel Pack
Aero Pack: Without aero kit
Headlamps - Daytime Running: Without daytime running lights
Front Fog Lamp Type: Without front fog lights . Headlights
Roof Lights - Clearance: With side marker lights
Footwell Lights: Without footwell lighting
Interior Courtesy Lamp: Less Interior Courtesy Lamp
Load Compartment Lamp: Without trunk lamp
Marker Lamps - Side: Without side marker lights
High Mounted Stop Lamp: Without high brake lights
Roof Mounted Turn Signals: Without roof indicators
Marker Lamps-Rear: Less Rear Marker Lamps
Headlamp Leveling Type: With headlamp
leveling Headlamp Control: Without headlamp control
I / P Illumination Dimmer Switch: Without dashboard dimmer
Wiring Harness: Without cable harness
Roof Flasher Wiring: With flasher wiring Roof Flasher Additional Fuse Box: With 6 fuse box

  • Year : 2012
  • Manufacturer : Ford
  • Model : Transit Tipper 115 T350M RWD
  • Body Type : Chassis Cab
  • Doors : 2
  • Colour : White
  • Reg. Date : 30/03/2012
  • Mileage : 132000
  • MOT Expiry : 22/03/2022
  • Transmission : Manual
  • Fuel : Diesel
  • Engine Size : 2402
  • Power : 115bhp
  • Seats : 3
  • Seller's Warranty Expiry Date : 3 Months
  • Drive Side : Right-hand drive
  • ULEZ Compliant : No it is not ULEZ compliant
  • Previous owners (excl. current) : 1
  • Safety Features : Alarm; Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS); Driver Airbag; Electronic Stability Program (ESP); Immobiliser;
  • Exterior : Catalytic Converter; Ford Factroy Tipper Body;
  • Interior/Comfort Options : Power-assisted Steering (PAS); Power Locks; Power Windows; Tilt Steering Wheel; Stereo; CD Player;
  • HPi Status : Fully clear on HPI, No accidents, mileage correct and no finance
  • Number of key : 2 Keys present
  • V5 (registration document) : On file ready for the new owner
  • Locking wheel nut key : Locking wheel nut key present and in the toolkit
RRP - £9,995.00