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2012 Ford Transit Tipper 115 T350M RWD with Tipper Body White Single Cab 3 Seats Excellent Condition Ready to Work 132,000 DV12HLK



2012 Ford Transit Tipper 115 T350M RWD with Tipper Body White Single Cab 3 Seats Excellent Condition Ready to Work 132,000 DV12HLK

Ford Commercial

Just had a major overhaul.

MOT history of this vehicle

Date tested: 24 March 2021
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 124,809 miles
MOT test number: 9739 1190 5763
Expiry date: 23 March 2022

Date tested: 1 May 2019
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 106,083 miles
MOT test number: 6510 0767 4857
Expiry date: 30 October 2020

Date tested: 18 April 2018
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 89,468 miles
MOT test number: 8787 5642 8593
Expiry date: 25 April 2019

Date tested: 26 April 2017
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 70,832 miles
MOT test number: 8312 6961 3863
Expiry date: 25 April 2018

Date tested: 14 March 2016
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 51,295 miles
MOT test number: 2200 2453 5537
Expiry date: 30 March 2017

Date tested: 25 March 2015
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 41,163 miles
MOT test number: 4560 6418 5052
Expiry date: 30 March 2016

Vehicle information

Manufacturer:    Ford Werke AG Germany
Brand: Ford
Model: Fiesta / Courier
Region/Plant: Kocaeli Turkey
Check: F
Year: 2015
Sequential number: 16900
CarID: 12909
Brand: FORD
ManufacturerId: 525
Catalog: FORD201902
Name: Transit TT9 2006-2014
Date: 10.11.2011
KolCount: 0
Region: Europe
Model year from: 2006
Model year to: 2014
Manufactured: 2012
Date: 10.11.2011
Territory: (+)"GB"
Cab Style: Single cab option
Axle Ratio: 4.27
Vehicle line: Transit 2006-2014
Interior Environment: Lichen
Series: 350M Series
Engine: 2.4L Duratorq (85kW/115PS)
Interior Fabric: Tomy (G-C)
Exterior Paint: Frozen White
Transmission: 6 Speed Mauual MT82
Air Conditioning: Without air conditioning
Emission: Eco class exhaust? IV
Drive: RHD RWD

Vehicle equipment

Roof Height: Low Roof
Roof Height Conversion: Without Roof Modified
Rear Mudflap Type: Without Rear Mudflaps
Front Suspension Skid Plates: Less Front Susp'n Skid Plates
Interior Packages: Without Interior Kit
Front Mudflap Type: Without Front Mudflaps
Side Load Doors: Without cargo side doors
Diesel Particulate Filter: Without flue gas filter.
Back Panel / Bulkhead: Without rear panel and / or grill.
Cab Back Panel: With non-perforated cab back panel
Brake System - Regenerative: Without regenerative
braking system Bulkhead & Partitions: Without bulkhead
Rear Loading Door: Without rear cargo door
Cargo Door Check Arms: No Limit Opened Cargo Door
Side Door Load Function: Side Load Door Without Foldable Footrest
Rear Door Catch: Less Rear Door Catch
Liftgate: Without Rear liftable door
Custom Body Type: Without second body assembly
Exterior Headboard: Without honeycomb head, 2nd unit
Tailboard Support Straps: Less Tailboard Support Straps
Auxiliary I / P Console: Less Auxiliary I / P Console
GVM Rating: With standard value GVM
Plant Build Requirements: Manufactured. at the Otosan plant (Turkey)
Special Equipment Packages: Without a set of specials. Equipment
Vehicle Status: Incomplete - Ship To VFS
Marketing Flex Prep Pack: Without univ. for market.cell.
Sales Badges: No
SVO Label: No SVO
Trim Packs: No
Special Value Packs (SVP): No Special Kits
Power Equipment Group: No Power Equipment Group
Marketing Levels: Marketing Level 3
Visibility Pack: No Kit Visibility
Rapid Spec Option - EAO: Without Full RSO
Utility Package: Without Commercial Equipment explo.
(-) Version Package: Without SVO, except
Labels packages - Certification: Without
SVO Marketing Packs: Trim 1-sided. tilt
Fire Extinguisher Fixing: Without fire extinguisher mountings
Fire Extinguisher: Without fire extinguisher
Tool Kits: With tool kit
Kit-Tire Repair Service: Without service kit tire repair
Front Window Operation: With electric windows. front windows
Tinted Glass: With all the easy tonirovan.steklom
Security Glass the Front: Less the Front Side Door Security Glass
2nd Row RH Side the Windows: Without the right side of the window 2nd row
2nd Row LH Side Windows: No left side window 2nd row
3rd Row RH Side Windows: Without 3rd row right side window
3rd Row LH Side Windows: Without 3rd row left side window
Rear Windows: With fixed rear window
Security Glass RR Side / Back: Without rear side / rear protection glass
windshield heating: No heating windshield
rear window heated: Without rear window heating
Overhead Console: Without roof console
Header Mounted Package Tray: Without roof storage shelf
Rear Compartment Trim Panel: Without rear trim panel
Interior Cladding Surface: Without interior trim surface
Front Floor Mat Style: Without Front Floor
Mats Air Vent Knobs: With Bright Vent Control
Headlinings: With Partial Shapes. roof lining
sunvisors - Driver: the Do Not the Use - the FNA the Use Only
Door the Map the Pocket: With a pocket for maps on the door
Interior Grab the the Handle - Side Door: Less Interior Grab the the Handle Side Door
the Front Roof Interior Assist the Handle: Without front roof railings
A Pillar Assist Handles: Without handrail on A pillar
B Pillar Assist Handle: Without handrail in “B” pillar
Load Compartment Tie Down Loops: Without luggage braces. Department.
Load Floor Covering: Reduce load outdoor covering
Discussion Board Trim Pack: Less the Load Area Protection Kit
Cargo Stow the Rack: No shelves / longitudinal arches Luggage
Load Compartment Tie Down Loop: Without tie ribbons bag.otd.
Door Trim Panel - Driver: Driver's
Door Trim - Level 2 Door Trim Panel - Passenger: Passenger Door Trim-Level 1
Running Boards: Without Footrests
Roof Rack Type: Without Roof Rack
Mid Bodyside Molding Type: Less Exterior Body Moldings
Rear Window Protector: Less Rear Window Protector
Rear Step: Less Rear Step
Rear View Mirror Type: Tilt. rear view mirror
Driver Door Mirror Type: Large, long arm
Exterior Mirror Dual: 2-section, mechanically foldable mirror
Seat Pack: 22
Seat Construction: Less Seat Construction
Under Seat Stowage Bin - Rear: Without rear stowage tray.
Drivers Seat Armrest: Fixed arm. driver's seat
Passenger Seat Armrests: Without armrests for passenger seats
Rear Seat Recliner: Without reclining mechanism
Passenger Seat Valance: Without curb for passenger's seat
Seat / Airbag Pack: Without set seat / cushions
6th Row Seating: Without 6th row seats
Temp Controlled Drivers Seat: Without temp. driver's seat control
Temp Controlled Passenger Seat: No temp. counter. Passenger Seat
2nd Row Seating: No 2nd Row Rear Seat
3rd Row Seating: No 3rd Row Rear Seat
4th Row Seating: No 4th Row Rear Seat
5th Row Seating: No 5th Row Seats
Rear Seat Fixings: No Rear Seat Fasteners
Reverse Seating: No Reversal 2nd Row Triple Triple
Seat Drivers Seat Adjustment Type: 6-Position mech.regul. driver's seat
Passenger Seat Adjustment Type: Without adjustable passenger seat
Removable Second Row Seat: Without removable 2nd row seat
Rear Seat Armrest Packs: Without armrests. rear seats included
Rear Seat Packs: Less Rear Seat Packs
Trailer Towing Attachments: Without towing. Trailer hitch
Trailer Coupling: without towing devices
Front Towing Hooks: Without a front towing hook
C To C Alternatives: Rear Axle - option A
Fleet Key: No key for the collective. user
Door Auto Relocking: With Door Auto Relocking - Enabled
Configurable Unlocking: Less Configurable Unlocking
Door Locking Systems: With Double Door Locking
Lock Group: With Electric
Two Step Door Unlocking:
Security Lock Set-Side / Rear : Less Side / Rr Door Security Lockset
Door Remote Control Unit: With remote control unit opening doors
Rear Window Wash / Wipe: Without rear window wiper / washer
Rain Sensor - Front W / Wpr: Without rain sensor-front wiper
Sunroof Type: Without sunroof
Rear Sunroof: Without rear sunroof
Corrosion Protection: Without box underbody protection
Rear Bumper: Without rear bumper
Bumper Under Run - Rear: Without rear underrun bumper
Bumper Under Run - Front: Without front bumpers
Rear Seat Belts: Without Seat Belts. Sid.
Drivers Air Bag: With driver airbag
Passengers Air Bag: Without passenger airbag
Tire Carrier Opener: Mech unlocking wheels
Side Underrun Rails: Without side rails
Float Mounting: Less Float Mounting
Spare Wheel Type: With steel spare wheel
Wheel Finish: With Silver Wheel Finish
Spare Wheel Lock: Without spare wheel lock
Dual Rear Wheels: With dual rear wheels
Wheel Size & Style 16 Inch: Steel wheel 5 X 16 "
Wheel Covers: Without wheel caps
Tire Tread Pattern - Front / Rear: With Standard Tread - Any Vendor
Governor-Engine MPH: Without engine MPH governor
Fuel Cooler: Diesel fuel cooler
RPM Control: Without RPM control unit Engine
Cold Start Type: Cold Start to -degree With
Starter Motor Type: Standard Motor / Starter Motor
Flywheel Type: One Piece Flywheel
Attitude / Ride Height Pack: Standard Height / Road Clearance
Front Suspension Types: Front Suspension Standard
Front Gross Axle Weight Rate: Normal Front Axle Load
Front Stabilizer Bar: With Front Stabilizer transverse resistance
Springs - Rear: From back sheet. springs with std.har.
Auxiliary Springs - Rear: Less Rear Auxiliary Springs
Rear Suspension Types: With Standard
Rear Suspension Rear Stabilizer Bar: Without Rear Stabilizer
Exhaust Exit: With Syst. downwards
Parking Brake Type: From parking brake, installed in the tunnel
Brake Type: Electric / Vac. disc brake for 4 counts
Anti-Lock Brakes: ABS brakes, acting on all wheels.
Anti Spin Traction System: Control for support Course Stability (ESP)
Transfer Case: Without Transfer Case
Skid Plates: Without Door
Sill Panels Front Seat Type: Single L / B Drives / Double L / B Pass.
Rear Climate Control: Without rear seat climate control
Ventilation System: Without ventilation system
Fresh Air Heater: Without heater
Fuel Tank Types: With fuel tank with a capacity of 80 liters
Water Separator-Fuel: Without fuel water separator
Fuel Capability Type: With possible. work on diesel fuel
Steering Types: With regulated power steering
Steering Wheel Type: Basic steering wheel
Auxiliary Heater: Without auxiliary heater
Heater / Air Conditioning Prep Pack: Without heater kit / A / C
Auxiliary Water Heater: Without auxiliary hot water heater
Heating - Rear Compartment: Without rear compartment
heating Speedometer Types: With MPH / KMH
Speedometer Tripminder: Without On-Board Computer
Tachometer: With Tachometer
Navigation Disc: Without Navigation Disc
Navigation Data: Without Navigation Data
Seat Belt Warning Light: Without warning lamp.
Reverse Proximity Sensor: Without rear parking sensor
Alarm Systems: Without anti-theft alarm
Engine Immobilizers: Without engine immobilizer
Batteries: Extra heavy duty battery
Rechargeable Batteries: Without deep discharge batteries
Alternator Types: Generator with std.
Radio Pre-equipment Pack 1: Without radio equipment
Blue Tooth Interface Connect: Without conn. interface Blue Tooth
Radio Antenna Type: Radio antenna, installed. rooftop
In Car Entertainment: ICE-Low. CD + Radio AM / FM
ICE Feature Pack: Set of entertainment systems 5
Module / GPS Antenna: Without module / GPS antenna
Telephone: Without telephone
Telephone Preparation pack: Without kit for telephone installation
Microphone: Without microphone
Voice Activated Modules: Without modules with voice control.
Radio Controls - Column Stalk: With audio reg. on the steering wheel joystick.
Electrical Outlet: Electrical Outlet
Smokers Package: Without Smokers Kit
Power Point Rear: Without Rear Power Outlet Cover
Camera: Without
Safe Deposit Box: Without Bank
Case Optional Equipment Pack: Without Installing Add. equip.
Wheel Pack: Less Wheel Pack
Aero Pack: Without aero kit
Headlamps - Daytime Running: Without daytime running lights
Front Fog Lamp Type: Without front fog lights . Headlights
Roof Lights - Clearance: With side marker lights
Footwell Lights: Without footwell lighting
Interior Courtesy Lamp: Less Interior Courtesy Lamp
Load Compartment Lamp: Without trunk lamp
Marker Lamps - Side: Without side marker lights
High Mounted Stop Lamp: Without high brake lights
Roof Mounted Turn Signals: Without roof indicators
Marker Lamps-Rear: Less Rear Marker Lamps
Headlamp Leveling Type: With headlamp
leveling Headlamp Control: Without headlamp control
I / P Illumination Dimmer Switch: Without dashboard dimmer
Wiring Harness: Without cable harness
Roof Flasher Wiring: With flasher wiring Roof Flasher Additional Fuse Box: With 6 fuse box

  • Year : 2012
  • Manufacturer : Ford
  • Model : Transit Tipper 115 T350M RWD
  • Body Type : Chassis Cab
  • Doors : 2
  • Colour : White
  • Reg. Date : 30/03/2012
  • Mileage : 132000
  • MOT Expiry : 22/03/2022
  • Transmission : Manual
  • Fuel : Diesel
  • Engine Size : 2402
  • Power : 115bhp
  • Seats : 3
  • Seller's Warranty Expiry Date : 3 Months
  • Drive Side : Right-hand drive
  • ULEZ Compliant : No it is not ULEZ compliant
  • Previous owners (excl. current) : 1
  • Safety Features : Alarm; Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS); Driver Airbag; Electronic Stability Program (ESP); Immobiliser;
  • Exterior : Catalytic Converter; Ford Factroy Tipper Body;
  • Interior/Comfort Options : Power-assisted Steering (PAS); Power Locks; Power Windows; Tilt Steering Wheel; Stereo; CD Player;
  • HPi Status : Fully clear on HPI, No accidents, mileage correct and no finance
  • Number of key : 2 Keys present
  • V5 (registration document) : On file ready for the new owner
  • Locking wheel nut key : Locking wheel nut key present and in the toolkit
RRP - £9,995.00