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2009 Renault Kangoo Estate 1.2 Authentique 5dr Disabled Wheelchair Adapted 26,000 miles FJ58NAA



2009 Renault Kangoo Estate 1.2 Authentique 5dr Disabled Wheelchair Adapted 26,000 miles FJ58NAA


MOT history of this vehicle

Date tested: 14 February 2017
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 25,945 miles
MOT test number: 8968 3058 4726
Expiry date:10 March 2018

Date tested: 11 March 2016
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 25,721 miles
MOT test number: 2455 7525 0283
Expiry date:10 March 2017

Date tested: 12 November 2014
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 25,542 miles
MOT test number: 1566 7671 4391
Expiry date:28 November 2015

Date tested: 14 November 2013
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 23,373 miles
MOT test number: 6686 6871 3357
Expiry date: 28 November 2014

Date tested: 21 November 2012
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 18,861 miles
MOT test number: 7959 7652 2318
Expiry date:28 November 2013

Date tested: 29 November 2011
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 12,483 miles
MOT test number: 4190 7303 1415
Expiry date:28 November 2012

Vehicle information

VIN: VF1KCEDEF40035282
Model: Kangoo I (K76) KC1D – UE91637
Year: 2009
Engine: D4F (730) – F054823 D4F - 1.2 16v
Transmission: JB1 (985) – S106710 JB1 - MECANIQUE 5 RAPPORTS / MECHANICAL 5 GEARS

Vehicle equipment

Accessory socket: SSPACC
Additional designation: RENAULT
Additional headlights: No
Additional to Limited Edition: SAN513
Additional to equipment level: SAN913
Air conditioning type.: Normal air conditioning
Anti-lock braking system: Yes
Approval type: HRECOM
Armrest function: No
Body accessories: ACCNTC
Bodywork paint: TEB64
Brake pad wear warning strip: No
Capacity: CHANOR
Child rear-view mirror: Without child rear-view mirror
Cigarette lighter: ALCIAV - With cigarette lighter in the front
Commercial vehicle rear door type: POARVI-Glazed
Counter unit: Miles
Country of application of technical legislation: TLGRBR
Cruise control: SACVIT-Without driver assistance
Daytime running lights: SRUNLI - Without daytime running lights
Documentary phase: PHAS3
Door opening remote control type: SOP02
Electromagnetic door locking: Yes
Emissions standard: E04A
Engine environment complement: SANFLT-No
Engine fabrication number: F054823
Engine level: AD
Engine type: D4F
Equipment level: EA0
External designation: APEX02
Front and rear ashtrays: Front ashtray
Gear lever knob: PLVT1
Gearbox fabrication number: S106710
Glovebox closure panel: SPRTBG - Without glovebox cover
Interior trim: HARM01
Internal designation: APEL01
Left side door: PLGCVO-Sliding door opening window
Left-hand quarter panel: Fixed left-hand quarter panel
Load anchors: Without anchorage point
Luggage cover: Yes
Luggage rack: Without upper storage
Luggage retaining device: SFIRBA - Without luggage retaining net
Motive energy equipment: SPRGAZ
Navigation assistance level: SSNAV
Partition type: SANCL-Without partition
Passenger airbag: Yes
Passenger compartment carpet: Without passenger compartment carpet
Pollen and dust filter: Yes
Pollution warning system (OBD): Without pollution warning system (OBD)
Power-assisted steering: Yes-Standard
Radio types: RAD06
Range sheet model: X763VP
Rear carpet: TACHCA-Rubber rear load mat
Rear centre seat belt: 3-point central seat belt
Rear headrest: 3ATRPH - Three fully height adjustable rear headrests
Rear parcel shelf type: Without rear parcel shelf
Rear screen wiper: Yes
Rear seat type: FBANAR
Right side door: PLDCVO-Sliding door opening window
Right-hand quarter panel: Fixed right-hand quarter panel
Road type: Standard road
Roof flap: No
Roof rack / roof bars: SBARTO-Without roof bars
Roof storage: With roof storage
Seat heating: SGSCHA - Seat without heating
Seat trim: Velour
Seat trim (see new plate or PR 101): DRAP38
Side airbag type: Without front side airbag
Side interior trim: SSHLIN
Special protection: No
Steering wheel location: Right
Steering wheel material: Foam steering wheel
Storage compartment: No
Subsidiary brand construction: SERIE
Technical envelopes (See Oval Plate): CEE1
Telephone: SPRTEL-Without telephone pre-equipment
Trip computer: No
Type of climate: Temperate climate
Type of door mirrors: RET01-Door mirrors 01
Type of fuel or energy: Petrol
Type of mat: SNSTAP
Type of roof: Normal roof
Type of transmission/Number of gears: 5-speed mechanical
Type of tyres: PNSTRD-Standard tyre
Type of window riser: Mechanical
Tyre brand: Standard fitting
Underbody protections: SSPSCS-Without underbody protection
Various functions: SPREST-Without various features
Version conversion: SAN613
Wheel hubcaps: ENJAUT
Wheel rim type: 14" wheel rims
Window tint: VT-Tinted

A near perfect example of Kangoo Wheelchair Adapted vehicle.

It goes with a two way 12v electric winch which helps with getting the wheelchair in and out of the wheel chain access area.

Another major feature of this car is that is has double opening back doors. You may ask why is this an asset? Most Kangoo's have a single opening that open overhead.

When full open these single doors are level with the roof so as you try to access the vehicle you have to stoop down to avoid banging your head.

Pushing and having to stoop at the same time is far from an ideal position as your knees will be bent and you will also be stooped over at your hips.

At lot less control when you are in a stooped position.

If you want to view this vehicle and give it a good test for it's practicality you are more than welcome to bring a wheel chair and see how easy it is to get in and out.

It also has tie down straps to lock the wheelchair in position when loaded.

The fact that it also has air conditioning is another a major plus. The last thing you want is to be cooking inside a car when confined to a wheelchair.

A very great value, little used wheelchair adapted vehicle. Come and view you will not be disappointed.

  • Manufacturer : Renault
  • Model : Kangoo Authentique Disabled Wheelchair Adapted
  • Model Year : 2009
  • Type : MPV
  • Doors : 5
  • Colour : Grey
  • Reg. Date : 20090130
  • Mileage : 26000
  • Engine Size : 1149
  • MOT Expiry : 201803
  • Transmission : Manual
  • Fuel : Petrol
  • Seats : 3
  • Previous owners (excl. current) : 2
  • Safety Features : Alarm; Driver Airbag; Immobiliser; Passenger Airbag; Rear seat belts
  • Exterior : Catalytic Converter; Double Opening Back Doors
  • Interior/Comfort Options : Air Conditioning; Power-assisted Steering (PAS); Power Locks; Tilt Steering Wheel; Wheel Chair Ramp
  • In-Car Audio : AM/FM Stereo; CD Player
RRP - £5,795.00