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2008 BMW Z4 2.0 i SE Roadster 2dr Silver with Black Hood Alloys Full Black Leather AC 78,000 Miles FSH MD08FZY



2008 BMW Z4 2.0 i SE Roadster 2dr Silver with Black Hood Alloys Full Black Leather AC 78,000 Miles FSH MD08FZY


MOT history of this vehicle

Date tested: 31 May 2017
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 65,278 miles
MOT test number: 6677 8370 6196
Expiry date: 8 June 2018

Date tested: 9 June 2016
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 48,568 miles
MOT test number: 3006 1810 6027
Expiry date: 8 June 2017

Date tested: 14 April 2015
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 44,005 miles
MOT test number: 9273 4410 5115
Expiry date: 13 April 2016

Date tested: 15 August 2014
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 39,647 miles
MOT test number: 7071 6792 4250
Expiry date: 14 August 2015

Date tested: 27 July 2013
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 25,013 miles
MOT test number: 8377 0850 3230
Expiry date: 1 August 2014

Date tested: 2 August 2012
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 20,326 miles
MOT test number: 2279 5511 2248
Expiry date: 1 August 2013

Date tested: 21 July 2011
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 13,925 miles
MOT test number: 1576 3260 1241
Expiry date: 31 July 2012

Vehicle information

Vin: WBABZ12040LZ66994
Type: BZ12
Model: Z4 2.0i
Market: Europe
Development Code: E85
Chassis: Roadster
Steering: right
Doors: 2
Engine: N46
Displacement: 2.00 l
Power: 110 kW
Drivetrain: Rear-Wheel Drive
Transmission: manuell
Color: Titansilber Metallic - 354
Upholstery: Leder Oregon/schwarz - LASW
Production Plant: Spartanburg
Production Date: 14/01/2008

Vehicle equipment

1CA: Selection Cop Relevant Vehicles
1CB: Co2 Content
2C8: Lt/aly Wheels Star Spoke 200
2PA: Locking Wheel Bolts
230: Eu Specific Additional Equipment
255: Sports Leather Steering Wheel
302: Alarm System
380: Hardtop Preparation
399: Softtop Operation, Fully Automatic
4AD: Interior Alum. Lengthwise Fine
423: Floor Mats, Velour
428: Warning Triangle
441: Smokers Package
470: Child Seat Isofix Attachment
493: Storage Compartment Package
494: Seat Heating F Driver/front Passenger
520: Foglights
534: Automatic Air Conditioning
550: On-board Computer
662: Radio Bmw Business Cd
692: Cd Changer I-bus Preparation
8SM: Vin, Visible From Outside
8SP: Cop Control
812: England Version
863: Europe/dealer Directory
877: Deletion Cross-over Operation
880: English / On-board Documentation
925: Shipping Protection Package

Repairs already done

1. Air con re-gassed now work 100%.
2. Rocker cover gasket replaced now oil leak free.
3. Brake vacuum pump fitted with new seals now oil leak free.
4. Auxiliary electric water pump replaced and now works 100%.
5. Front suspension arms rear bushes replaced and now no movement, clonking or wandering when on the move.
6. Anti freeze replaced and protects the engine and freeze protection to -30 degrees C.
7. Front window reset to activate the anti trap and one touch operation. This fault was most likely caused by a weak battery.
8. Brake fluid replaced as it was showing a moisture level higher than it should have been.
9. Nearside front sidelight bulb replaced as it was blown.
10. Nearside number plate bulb was replaced as it was blown.
11. Battery replaced and now you can be assured all the electronics in the car will operate as they should with no errors or fault codes.
12. Boot roof sensor showed an error on our diagnostic test but checked it out and was all good but found an intermittent fault. Replaced and rood now works as it should.
13. Front shock top mounts and protection boot replaced.

Why have we had to do the all of this maintenance?

When a car comes into stock we carry out a full mechanical survey and rectify all faults found. This includes a electronic diagnostic check for every component in the car.

1. Air con wasn't blowing as cold as it should have been so was re gassed and now operates 100%.
2. The engine in this car is called a N46 and it's very common for these to have an oil leak at about 40,000 miles or so. We inspected this as it a very common error and yes indeed it was leaking so we replaced it.
3. The brake vacuum pump on N46 engine again suffer from oil leaks at about 50,000 miles or so and this was the case so we replaced the seals within the pump..
4. The auxiliary electric water pump showed up to be faulty on our diagnostic check and after a quick test it was deemed to be faulty. This pump has two functions.

The first it to circulate hot water into the heater matrix inside the car. So if you have a car that is slow to heat up inside on a cold morning then its more than likely this pump.

The second to bleed the water n the cooling system when you has done tasks like replacing the ant freeze. It removes all the air out of the system if rum for about 10 minutes.
5. The front arm rear bushes are very common for these Z4's and 3 series BMW be slightly worn at this mileage. These had a bit of movement on both side so we replaced both.

You will notice a slight clunking noise and perhaps the car wander slightly at about 70 mph. Fitting new bushes will rectify the noise and the wandering.
6. Anti freeze was tested and was only effective to -7 degrees C. This is well below spec so we flushed the system and replaced the anti freeze and coolant.
7. During our diagnostic test the anti trap on the windows showed up as an error. We did the reset procedure and the error code was rectified.
8. As part of our inspection survey we also test the brake fluid moisture. The fluid on this test was higher than t should have been so we replaced the entire fluid in the car.
9. The nearside front sidelight bulb showed up as faulty during our diagnostic test as faulty as it had blown. Replaced and works as it should.
10.The nearside number plate bulb showed up as faulty during our diagnostic test as faulty as it had blown. Replaced and works as it should.
11.We also do a state of health test for the battery. In any modern car that as you know are full of electronics the battery has to be at least 65% state of health, otherwise you will get all kinds of ghost errors and irritating faults. Battery replaced and now no more ghost errors and silly faults.

A point to note about a modern day car battery is that low state of health battery can still start the car and give out a correct voltage but this is still not good enough to keep modern electronics working properly.
12.The boot sensor for the roof showed up as faulty during our diagnostic test. The roof still worked as it should but on further inspection and test we found this had an intermittent fault. Replaced and tested now no intermittent fault and rood works 100%.
13. Front shock top mounts and protection boot replaced. There was a bit of upward movement in the shock top mounts making a slight banging noise when going over pot holes or an uneven surface. One of the boots had deteriorated so we replace that at the same time. Now no noises and drive exactly as it should.

We are by no means saying we are the best garage in the world and know everything about every car but we definitely care about what we sell and our customers. We still learn something new every day.

We want you to have a car that drives as good as it can and a trouble free motoring experience.

If your a price buyer and want the cheapest car available we are most likely not for you.

If however you want to drive and own a genuinely good and well maintained car that has gone through a very thorough inspection with all faults fixed then give us a try.

If you have no knowledge of how to fix cars the last thing you need to buy a lemon and constantly throwing money at it.

This car will also have a major service and years MOT for the new owner.

  • Year : 2008
  • Manufacturer : BMW
  • Model : Z4 Roadster 2.0 SE
  • Body Type : Convertible
  • Doors : 2
  • Colour : Silver
  • Reg. Date : 20080731
  • Mileage : 78000
  • MOT Expiry : 201806
  • Transmission : Manual
  • Fuel : Petrol
  • Engine Size : 1995
  • Seats : 2
  • Safety Features : Alarm; Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS); Driver Airbag; Immobiliser; Passenger Airbag; Rear seat belts; Safety Belt Pretensioners
  • Exterior : Alloy Wheels; Catalytic Converter; Colour Coded Bumpers;
  • Interior/Comfort Options : Air Conditioning; Full Black Leather Seats; Auxiliary heating; Climate Control; Leather Steering Wheel; Power Hood; Power-assisted Steering (PAS); Power Locks; Power Windows; Tilt Steering Wheel;
  • In-Car Audio : AM/FM Stereo; CD Player
  • Number of keys : 2
  • V5 On File : Yes
  • HPi Status : Fully clear on HPI, no accidents, mileage correct and no finance
  • Locking wheel nut key : Locking wheel nut key present and in the toolkit
RRP - £5,995.00