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2005 VW Beetle 1.6 Convertible SE in Black Grey Leather Years MOT 81k Full Service S55COR



2005 VW Beetle 1.6 Convertible SE in Black with Grey Leather interior Power Hood Years MOT 81k Full Service S55COR

MOT history of this vehicle

Date tested: 22 April 2016
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 77,727 miles
MOT test number: 4742 1863 2047
Expiry date: 22 April 2017

Date tested: 23 April 2015
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 67,109 miles
MOT test number: 9859 3351 5152
Expiry date: 22 April 2016

Date tested: 7 April 2014
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 53,510 miles
MOT test number: 2767 7749 4052
Expiry date: 21 April 2015

Date tested: 12 April 2013
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 47,648 miles
MOT test number: 2882 3290 3133
Expiry date: 21 April 2014

Date tested: 20 April 2012
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 42,815 miles
MOT test number: 2797 8171 2455
Expiry date: 21 April 2013

Date tested: 15 April 2011
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 38,754 miles
MOT test number: 3363 3560 1127
Expiry date: 21 April 2012

Date tested: 16 April 2010
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 34,808 miles
MOT test number: 5616 8630 0162
Expiry date: 21 April 2011

Date tested: 16 April 2009
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 31,598 miles
MOT test number: 4525 4680 9100
Expiry date: 21 April 2010

Date tested: 22 April 2008
Test result: Pass
Mileage: 28,327 miles
MOT test number: 4243 8391 8194
Expiry date: 21 April 2009

Please Note:

Number plate does not go with the car.

  • Year : 2005
  • Model : Beetle 1.6 Convertible
  • Type : Sports/Convertible
  • Doors : 2
  • Mileage : 80000
  • Reg. Date : 20050610
  • MOT Expiry : 201901
  • Transmission : Manual
  • Fuel : Petrol
  • Engine Size : 1598
  • Seats : 4
  • Seller's Warranty Expiry Date : 12 Months
  • Previous owners (excl. current) : 1
  • Safety Features : Alarm; Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS); Driver Airbag; Electronic Stability Program (ESP); Immobiliser; Passenger Airbag; Rear seat belts; Safety Belt Pretensioners; Side Airbags
  • Exterior : Catalytic Converter
  • Interior/Comfort Options : Auxiliary heating; Leather Seats; Heated Seats; Power-assisted Steering (PAS); Power Locks; Power Windows; Sunroof; Tilt Steering Wheel
  • In-Car Audio : AM/FM Stereo; CD Player; CD Multichanger
  • HPi Status : Fully clear on HPI, No accidents, mileage correct an no finance
  • Number of keys : 1 Key present
  • V5 (registration document) : On file ready for the new owner
  • Locking wheel nut key : Locking wheel nut key not applicable
RRP - £3,495.00
Frequently Asked Questions
  • You have a great range of Beetle in stock but why do they cost more than other dealers?
  • All our beetles for sale are handpicked and not bought purely on price. If a Beetle we purchase is not good enough for you our treasured Bettle owners they are recycled for parts. They are also fully serviced including cambelt changed is we can't prove it has already been done. If less than 3 months left on her MOT you will give you a full years MOT.
  • Are all you cars HPI clear?
  • Yes all our cars have no stories attached to them. There are HPI clear in every aspect otherwise we don't offer them for sale.
  • I have seen a Beetle that I would love to buy it looks really great in the pictures by I am a bit concerned about the mileage. Should my concerns be justified?
  • Mileage that a car has covered is always a topic of debate. Mileage is how you value a car and in no way relates to the condition and previous usage. It is how a car has been used and maintained that really determines how good it is. We have seen many times cars with low mileage that have been really abused and driven like a rally car. These are not the type of cars we sell. This is only down to experience and not to be fooled by just what the speedometer. There is a lot more to a car than a speedometer reading. Modern day cars are very capable of running in excess of 300,000 miles without any engine or gearbox repair being necessary. This is only possible by maintaining the car to a high standard. One of our courtesy cars has now covered 260,000 miles and is still in excellent condition.
  • How many keys will I get with the vehicle?
  • This car has 2 sets of keys. In most case all our cars come with two set of keys and yet another item we check as the car arrives with us.
  • Is the locking wheel nut present as I purchased a car in the past without one and had a nightmare when I had a puncture?
  • Yes locking wheel nut is with the car. You will find it in the toolkit in the boot of the car. We check all cars as they arrive with us and this is just one of the checks we do, so we know 100% your car has a locking wheel nut.
  • Have you got a V5 registration document?
  • All our cars have a full V5 so on the day of handover you can tax your car immediately. We also get DVLA to send you a new V5 in your name once you have filled out your details.
  • How can I be sure you can look after my Beetle in years to come?
  • We really want customers who want to keep their Beetles and maintain them to a high standard. We would love you to come back for at least an annual service. We are probably by far more qualified to maintain and look after your Beetle than anyone else in the UK. We really know and understand how these Beetle are assembled and work.
  • What warranty do I get if I purchase a Beetle from you?
  • You will get a full years Engine and Gearbox warranty or 12,000 miles whichever comes sooner regardless of its age.
  • What will be done to the car before its delivered to me?
  • Each car is taken on its own merits, and so varies from car to car. Most of our Beetles are due a full service and this will be carried out by us over and above its Volkswagen service schedule. This includes all wheels off, a full brake inspection, brake fluid test, coolant test, a cambelt, cambelt tensioner and water pump change if we can't prove it has been done in the past.
  • What condition will the car be delivered to me?
  • The car will have a fully seats out valet and the paintwork and exterior will be in excellent condition commensurate with the mileage the car has been driven.
  • What MOT do I get with this car?
  • Our policy is if less than 3 months MOT left on the existing one it will be delivered to you with a full years MOT.
  • What facilities do you have?
  • We have a fully equipped garage, class 7 MOT station, latest tyre fitting equipment with the ability to fit 28 inch tyres, the very latest 4 wheel alignment ramp and gauges, up to date electronics and diagnostics equipment, fully experienced mechanics with vast knowledge across many manufactures.
  • I would like to buy a car you have for sale but would like to exchange mine. Do you take part exchanges?
  • Yes we do. We will give a generous allowance for you part exchange. A lot of dealers try to turn a profit on part exchanges. We are happy enough to turn them around for what they have cost us. As a guide we will give full Black Book Value less any bodywork damage or mechanical defects.
  • How can I know if the car I'm buying is in good running order with no faults?
  • We will either show you a full electronic test in progress that will show no faults and the car is running to full manufactures specification or a full print out of the same generated at the time we service the vehicle. Some vehicles have over 60 separate electronic modules that will be individually tested by our diagnostic equipment. This for you is definite proof that the vehicle you purchase from us will be exactly as described and 100% electronic and mechanical condition.