Reserve a Car

Reserve a car

If you see a car and would like to buy but can't make a full commitment till you view and have a test drive you can reserve it for a fully refundable reservation deposit of £200.00. Leaving a reservation deposit will ensure the car will not be sold to anyone else till you decide 100% you want to own the car.

The best way to do this this is to create and account (click here), send us a mail of which car you would like to purchase. We will assign the car to you, forward our bank account details and request the reservation deposit.

If after your viewing and test drive you decide the car is not for you this will be refunded immediately to your account.

Your reservation deposit will be valid for a maximum of 10 days from date of deposit. After this the car will on sale and released from reservation deposit timescale. Your deposit will be refunded after the 10 days have elapsed.

Once you decide you would like to own the car your deposit will converted to you purchase deposit.